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10 Questions Every Young Christian Must Ask Themselves

[ad_1] Scripture quotes, inspirational videos, and biblical musings on social media cannot replace the foundational truths of the Bible. We need to spend time in the Word to grow and mature in our faith. Ask yourself: Am I drawn more to the messages on social media than to God’s messages? Skip the temptation to turn […]

If You Are a Girl – Be the Girl You Are.

[ad_1] It’s International Women’s Day today, and I’ve been watching my newsfeed fill up with various blogs, statement and press articles. Some have written letters to their young self – some are heartbreaking, others are practical feminist rhetoric. I don’t want to write a letter to my young self – my young self is now […]

When Children Don’t Want Jesus In Their Heart Any More

[ad_1] *We adults have our own view of all things theological, we like to get it sorted in our heads and pass on what we think to the children. Sometimes we’ve wrestled with it ourselves, and sometimes we have just accepted what the previous generation told us – because we have never been required to […]

10 Things You Should Know about Fasting

[ad_1] If there is a single driving force in our society today it may well be what I call instant self-gratification. It is into this mindset in our society that the Bible speaks about fasting. Is it any wonder that few people are listening? Nothing seems as silly to the natural mind or as repulsive […]

Praying with Jelly Babies

[ad_1] (See the introduction posthere) The first Hungarton Camp morning startup activity was deliberately more random than most (With the smallest link to the morning teaching – if you looked closely). My idea was to take the campers completely by surprise and use a news item they would know  and possibly care about, (and one […]

Why You Should Trust God… Period

[ad_1] If you are a sports fan, you likely know Ernie Johnson, Jr., as one of the most recognizable voices in sports. As the three-time Emmy-winning host of TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” Ernie has the privilege of taking the stage with some of the biggest names in sports – Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille […]

Playing Card Prayers

[ad_1] Morning start up on the second day of camp was an activity I borrowed from the amazing ‘Flame Creative’ website. I tweaked it a little on what we did for each card, and we only used half a pack of cards per tent. For a King, we shouted out something amazing about God. For […]

Satanist students advertise lamb sacrifice and Bible-burning event at Clemson University

[ad_1]   (Wikimedia Commons/hager.angie)The Tillman Hall at Clemson University.Students at Clemson University sparked outrage over an advertisement for a lamb sacrifice and Bible burning ceremony to “commemorate” a new chapel on the campus. A group of students referring to themselves as the Clemson Unorthodox Neo-Satanic Temple advertised the event on a flyer that was found […]

RORY REPORT: Tips and tricks for studying the Bible

[ad_1] Rory Dee For The Leaf-Chronicle 1:49 p.m. CT March 3, 2017 I will openly admit it. I am horrible at keeping up with my own Bible study. I’m on the worship team at church, I go to a Sunday night teens Bible study, I attend Relevant (Wednesday night youth group), but when it comes […]

Holiday and non-holiday highlights for your West Seattle Sunday

[ad_1] Here are possibilities for your Sunday, from the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide and year-round Event Calendar: ARTS & CRAFTS AT C & P: Second day of C & P Coffee (WSB sponsor) Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair, 8 am-2 pm. (Added) Even if you went on Saturday – different artists/crafters today – including […]

Choral music giants converge at West Hills for Carols Night on Saturday

[ad_1] As part of activities lined up for the pleasure of customers of West Hills Mall this yuletide and festive season, some of the most sought-after choirs in the country will converge on the forecourt of the mall on Saturday for a memorable night of carols and inspirational choral music. The famous Winneba Youth Choir, […]

Upvalley Christmas services

[ad_1] Calvary Chapel St. Helena Calvary Chapel St. Helena will hold its Christmas Eve Service from 5 to 6 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 24 at the American Legion Hall, 1291 Madrona Ave. in St. Helena. Calvary Christian Church Join us for a Candlelight Christmas Eve Service at 6 p.m. that includes Christmas carols, the Christmas story, […]

Dad works 2 jobs and goes to school to support family after mom’s heart attack

[ad_1] Jan Peterson, For the News-Leader 11:22 p.m. CST December 10, 2016 Buy Photo Share Your Christmas logo(Photo: Kim Peterson/for the News-Leader)Buy Photo No. 65 Working two jobs and attending school fill the schedule of this hard-working father of four children. Mother worked until a heart attack and continuing health problems required her to quit. […]

Churches prepare for Advent and the meaning of Christmas

The Kids Bible sunday school
[ad_1] Sheri Trusty, Correspondent 6:02 p.m. EST November 18, 2016 Pastor Jody Rice of Grace Lutheran Church in Fremont will be preaching a sermon series based on the hymn, “From Heaven Above” by Martin Luther during special Wednesday night services during the Advent season. Grace Lutheran is one of many local churches hosting special Advent […]