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What You Need to Know about the Holy Spirit

[ad_1] One tragedy of prolonged debates over the spiritual gifts is that the gifts can become more important than the Giver. Above all, the greatest gift that Christ gives in his ascension is the Spirit himself. For our salvation the Father gave his two greatest gifts, John Owen observed. “The one was the giving of […]

Random Prayer Activities

[ad_1] We’ve been back from Hungarton Camp for almost a week – and it was brilliant! Great leaders, great children, fantastic weather, and a wonderful time had by all. There was swimming and horse riding every day, and then a mix of a farm tours, circus skills, archery and craft – depending on the day. Of […]

9 Ways the New Covenant is Better

[ad_1] It is easy for believers to lose sight of how privileged we are to participate in the New Covenant. Giants of the faith such as Abraham, Moses, and David only looked forward to the spiritual blessings that every single Christian receives. For this reason, the New Covenant is fundamentally better than the Old Covenant. […]

Reformers urged learning of biblical languages

[ad_1] Copyright (c) 2017 Baptist Press. Reprinted from Baptist Press (www.baptistpress.com), news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. The original story can be found at http://www.bpnews.net/48371/reformers-urged-learning-of-biblical-languages NEW – 44 minutes ago by Benjamin Hawkins , posted Monday, February 20, 2017 (44 minutes ago) Martin Luther and John Calvin Martin Luther and John Calvin EDITOR’S NOTE: […]

Good parenting benefits children, society SUNDAY

[ad_1] As it is always my motivation, I hope most sincerely that this column has the capacity to influence positive action, as it broadens the content of the previous column titled “The student, the school, the parent, the church.” The reader will recall that it addressed the ill-behaved conduct of children observed by teachers in […]

Joplin middle schools resume Bible studies

[ad_1] Bible study groups that were previously halted in Joplin middle schools earlier this month are going to resume as early as next week. The Joplin Globe (http://bit.ly/2jZKaHs ) reports that the groups were criticized from the American Humanist Association in December, saying the studies involved both teachers and outside ministry members leading students in […]

Religion calendar: Jan. 20

[ad_1] Many religious events, services and classes are available in the Las Cruces area.(Photo: pigphoto, Getty Images/iStockphoto) Roundtable Discussion Group: Meets every Sunday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the library of the Unitarian Church, 2000 S. Solano Drive. On Sunday, Jan. 22, Robert “Skip” Shelton will speak on “Doing Hard Time on the Pleasure Planet,” the theory and practice of happiness. Shelton is […]

Donald Trump chooses childhood Bible and Lincoln’s Bible for oath

[ad_1] Trump’s mother, from Scotland, gave him the Bible when he finished Sunday school at New York’s First Presbyterian Church in 1955. He will use that and the same Bible used by Lincoln during his inauguration ceremony on Friday. The Presidential Inaugural Committee confirmed the decision. Chair Tom Barrack said: “In his first inaugural address, […]

The long and the short of school uniforms

[ad_1] Last week a school in Kent gained national headlines for sending home girls whose skirts were deemed as too short. Uniform stories are not rare. Most weeks at least one will surface in a local rag. If the subject is outlandish enough, the national press will also pile in. Headteachers will defend their right […]

Washington’s Bible, Lincoln’s Hair: Top Symbolic Inauguration Moments

[ad_1] President Barack Obama used Abraham Lincoln’s and Martin Luther King Jr.’s Bibles at his swearing in ceremony in 2013, two presidents used a chair George Washington sat in at his inaugural and George W. Bush wore his father’s cufflinks at the ceremony. A week before the inauguration of the 44th president of the United […]

Steve Harvey Recalls 2015 Miss Universe Mishap, Says His Sunday School Teacher Mother Made …

[ad_1]   Steve Harvey talks to the ladies of ‘The View’ about his new book and his Miss Universe 2015 mishap.(YouTube Screenshot/The View) With the Miss Universe 2016 pageant set to kick off next month in the Philippines, comedian Steve Harvey, who hosted last year’s pageant, is reliving the brouhaha he caused when he announced […]

Photos: Museum of the Bible Will Open One Year From Today

The Kids Bible sunday school
[ad_1] fullscreen The vast Museum of the Bible is set to open near the National Mall one year from today, and it has set the ambitious goal of being the most technologically advanced museum in the world. From smart digital docents to immersive theater experiences, founders and designers hope that innovative new tech will set […]

Trussville native to teach Women’s Faith Art Class in December

The Kids Bible sunday school
[ad_1] By Megan Miller, Editor TRUSSVILLE – A fourth grade teacher by day, Trussville native Leslie Eaton has turned a blog into a movement for faith-based women. Eaton now lives in Atlanta, and said that with the presence of mega-churches, many of these churches don’t offer adult Sunday school classes, which are instrumental in teaching […]

Do You Want What Others Have?

sunday school lessons
[ad_1] If you’ve ever enviously eyed your friend’s new iPhone or been jealous of someone’s prom date, then you know that it’s not always easy to follow the Bible’s command not to covet (Exodus 20:17). Take this quiz to find out if you’re pretty content with what you have, or if this area of your […]