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Fairytale Faith

I read a brilliant blog last week – all about women’s conferences and the message they give. Many just tell we are beautiful princesses and don’t really give us anything of great spiritual depth – or a message that draws us to being more Christ like. It’s what I call ‘Fairytale Faith’. You can read […]

A Catholic reads the Bible, Week 52: Alpha and Omega

The tears surprised me. My project was finally done. I knew page 1394, the end of the book of Revelation, was coming, but man, I didn’t expect to cry over it. I laughed at myself for being so emotional. I should have expected a project that changed my life would cause me to cry when […]

Your not under the law, you are under grace…?

Your not under the law, you are under grace…?And the gospel of grace is the truth, and the love is the truth and will “set you free”… Set you free from what? Sin and death, or sin causing death, or sin… How does being under grace and not under law, keep you from or give […]

KLIFE ministry offering local children additional pathways to discipleship

ENID, Okla. — Each Tuesday evening, dozens of middle and high school students gather in Enid to study the Bible, learn about Christ and share enriching games and activities. These gatherings are not sponsored by any specific church, and are not tied to any denomination: They are hosted by KLIFE, a nonprofit, nondenominational youth ministry. […]

If there were no Hell…

If there were no Hell, if you chose not to accept Christ as Savior and the only punishment was living your 80 some odd years, dying, and losing all consciousness, basically you just took a “dirt nap” for eternity when you died, would you STILL become a Christian? Source link

Sunday roast will never again be off the menu

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I was with my older brother Andy on Friday and, with Mother’s Day approaching, we took to reminiscing about childhood. “What is your happiest memory?” I asked. His reply was instant: “Sunday roasts.” He was quite right. We would race back from Sunday school, watch Weekend World (we didn’t understand a word, but loved the […]

Water, science and the Bible

Maybe you saw the headlines in January of this year. “Planet Earth makes its own water from scratch deep in the mantle” – New Scientist, Jan. 27, 2017 “Did Earth makes its OWN water deep in the mantle? New theory could solve the mystery of our planet’s liquid past” – Daily Mail, Jan. 27, 2017 […]

Do I Really Need a College Visit?

sunday school lessons

“Mom, I’ve been on the campus lots of times,” I said. “It’s not like I don’t know what it’s like.” We were standing in the kitchen, and my mom was tossing zucchini into the mixer, finishing the dough for zucchini bread. My mom nodded but her voice was firm. “That’s true, Claire, but you’ve seen […]

Good Enough: Notes from Home

[Too much trouble to carry on and do the head too.] This morning I’ve got to get going and hie myself off to church for a variety of tasks, like cleaning my own Sunday school room and cleaning up the other Sunday school rooms that I discombobulated over the week by letting children go in […]

Campus Life

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I’m in a Nashville hotel, talking to Jimmie Lee Sloas and Gordon Kennedy, the two rockers who call themselves Dogs of Peace. During the interview, I ask: “Who’s had the greatest influence on your Christian life?” Gordon looks up and says softly, “Chris Bonds.” Who? “Chris Bonds. I went to school with him from the […]

Mel C surprises School of Rock audience

The 43-year-old singer surprised the audience at the performance of the musical in London last week, when she joined the cast to sing the Spice Girls’ classic single. The West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘School of Rock – The Musical’ is based on the 2003 film of the same title. It features music […]

God’s word by human hands

The pope has one, so does the Library of Congress and even the Mayo Clinic, and for the next year, the province’s Roman Catholics will also have a volume of the Saint John’s Bible. For the next 12 months, Catholics can see — and even touch — a full-sized reproduction of the hand-lettered Saint John’s […]

The Secret Pain of Abortion

Carolyn and I are sitting in front of a cozy fire. Since we’ve just met, we both feel a little awkward. We make small talk over apple cider and cookies. We talk about school, Carolyn’s part-time job, our summer plans. Gradually, Carolyn and I begin to feel a bit more comfortable with each other. Considering […]

If You’ve Gone Too Far

Guilt is a crushing force. And guilt that comes from sexual impurity presses the heart in its tenderest places. It hurts to know you’ve sinned against God, your parents, your partner, yourself, and your future spouse—someone you might not even know yet. You’ve given away something you can never get back. The pain hangs like […]