Is Online Church Enough for Kids?

When the pandemic entered our world, it triggered main interruptions and modifications to how we do kids’s ministry.   A big share of church buildings took their kids’s ministry courses, companies and occasions on-line.  And in lots of instances, they did not have a selection because the grownup companies have been assembly on-line as nicely.   I’m […]

10 Ways to Show Your Volunteers You Appreciate Them

More than ever, volunteers are a important a part of youngsters’s ministry.  Without them, there can be no youngsters’s ministry.   As I join with church buildings throughout the nation, I’m discovering that many have misplaced a major variety of volunteers resulting from Covid-19. I consider and am praying that because the affect of Covid-19 lessens […]

5 Skills You Need to Be an Effective Children’s Ministry Leader

Whether you’re a new chief or veteran chief,  there are 5 expertise it is advisable to be rising in.  There are key if you wish to be an efficient youngsters’s ministry chief.  1. Listening.  An efficient chief is an effective listener.  They ask nice questions and so they hear.  They hear to grasp.  They hearken […]

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[ad_1] 3. God Cares about Connection Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, placed on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, long-suffering; bearing with each other, and forgiving each other, if anybody has a grievance in opposition to one other; whilst Christ forgave you, so that you additionally should do. Colossians 3:12-13 Many of us discover it simple to bond […]

Share the Stories with Your Team

When you’re main a volunteer workforce, it is vital to acknowledge and honor the people who find themselves serving. All of us wish to know that we’re valued and that our work is significant.  One of one of the best methods to encourage and admire volunteers is to share the tales of the folks they’re […]

The Most Critical Event on Your Church’s Calendar This Year

By Sam Luce This previous yr has been one of many tougher of our lifetimes. There has been a lot loss and far issue, however there have been some surprising blessings as effectively. One of these blessings in disguise is the killing of church-as-usual and programs-as-tradition. It has brought on us to consider why we […]

Join the mission to maintain children protected on-line

The Kids Bible

This Sunday there will be millions of parents walk through the doors of churches across the globe. Many parents will drop their child off to a volunteer who cares deeply for them. For those kids that attend the service with their parents they will be around people who also care deeply for them. They will be surrounded by a community that is cares for the safety and well being as well as their spiritual upbringing.

The other thing that these parents and kids will have in common is what happens when they leave that building. No it’s not just go to lunch. It is the question of how do I keep my kid safe out in this world? Today not only do we have to answer the question of this offline world but we also have to ask the question of the online world as well.

I speak to parents and pastors across the United States quite frequently about how to keep kids safe online. I even had the chance last week to be on CBS 42 in Birmingham, AL speaking about kids and online safety. Yes this is a mission and I hope you join in.

There are 2 things right now that you can do to join the mission.

1: Let parents know that offline conversation beats online communication every time. What do I mean? Parents need to be engaged in their child’s life. Parents need to have dinner as a family as often as possible. Relationships matter and the more that we look at a screen the more we crave real relationships. Parents can win this battle but it starts with a conversation.

2. Let parents know about the right tools. There are many tools out there that filter the internet from pornography. This is a great first step but there are also tools that limit screen time, set bedtimes, and inform parents so that they can have better conversations. This is why I believe in Circle with Disney so much. It is also why I can’t wait for CircleGo to come out the first part of next year.

I think I have the beginnings of how you can do both of these things and I have made it as easy as possible:

1. Get parents to ask these 4 questions at the dinner table:

“What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen lately?”
“What’s the craziest thing your friends are doing?”
“What’s something that has surprised you recently?”
“Can you teach me how to do something new with technology?”

2. Help me promote Circle with Disney to parents. Here is a dropbox folder with the following in it:

11×17 poster
A half page flyer
A presentation slide graphic (both regular and wide)
A print graphic
A web graphic (both wide and square)
If you need anything else then let me know

All this to say, I ask that you join the mission. The internet does not have to be unsafe for kids. We can do this together. It just takes conversation and the right tools.

If you are up for the mission then comment/share this post and you will have a chance to win a Free Circle with Disney device.

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A Good Time to Make Changes

In the church world, numerous issues have modified since Covid-19 appeared on the scene.  How we work together, how we worship, how we fellowship…how we plan huge occasions, how we join with dad and mom and volunteers…on and on we may go. The world is unquestionably not the identical.  In the midst of the modifications […]

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7 Tech Things Parents Wish They Could Do

The Kids Bible

I am the proud father of two boys in elementary school. My oldest is 11, and my youngest is 9. Both are taking after their dad and are very interested in technology and the Internet. This is both good news and bad news. The problems with this are that the Internet is not exactly a safe place and it can be easy to use it too much. Here is a list of 7 things that I believe every parent wishes they could do with technology:

Set time limits: Parents wish they could set daily time limits on any app or website they want. They wish they could customize how much time their kids spend on each device in their home and set a total online time for the day. This is not just for the kids but for everyone in the home.

Filter: Parents wish they could set individual filter levels for each family member. It would be great if there was a way to have age levels for different groups and customization by platform, app, website and content. Parents want to choose a filter that matches each person’s age and interests but won’t let inappropriate content through.

View insights: Parents wish they could stay informed about where their kids spend their time online including mobile devices, computers and gaming devices. It would be great to see each family member’s total time spent online and the sites visited.

Pause the Internet: It’s dinnertime, and everyone brings their device to the table. It would be great if parents could simply pause every device in their home so that conversations could happen around the dinner table again.

Put devices to sleep: Parents wish they could create a time at night that each device sleeps for each family member. They could simply set a sleep time, when the devices will disconnect from the Internet, and an awake time, for the morning when the devices will reconnect.

Block ads: Parents wish they could block ads for their kids. Kids are curious and click around on the Internet and on their mobile devices a lot more than their parents. Parents wish there was a way to block inappropriate ads.

Ensure safe searches: Parents wish that there was an easy way to set search settings across all devices connected to their home network (smart phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles).

Believe it or not, but all of these things are possible. Up until now, it took a bunch of different services to do it. You could dive into OpenDNS and download a bunch of different apps or software. It was not easy. Recently I found a new device called Circle with Disney. Circle with Disney is a wireless device that you put into your home, and it connects to your WiFi network and does all the things listed above. If you are interested you can get one now from, and it will be available soon I am glad that every parent will now be able to do these seven things. I truly believe it will help families with some huge problems.

Do you know a feature of technology a parent wants that I missed? If so, please share it. I believe that most parents see technology as something that has the potential to be a great thing, but they’ll admit they need help with it for sure.

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